What is measurement? A quick guide. Article Icon

What is measurement? A quick guide.

What is measurement?

How to tell if your online marketing campaigns are successful

Are you sure you are getting the most out of your advertising budget? Here at Zeekee, we use analytics and data to help our customers track their return on investment and develop a competitive advantage. Proper measurement allows you to assess your current marketing strategy and swiftly adapt it to the ever changing digital environment and consumer behavior. Data-driven organizations are three times more likely to report significant improvement in decision making. If you are doing any type of online advertising, you should be monitoring and measuring the effectiveness.  

Popular Measurement Tools

Two of our favorite tools for measuring consumer activity include Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Google Analytics helps you analyze your website traffic and online marketing campaigns, and Facebook Insights help you analyze how people are interacting with your posts and ads.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most-used analytics tool on the planet. Businesses and organizations across the world have adopted this tool to better understand how people are using their website and to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. You can you use website analytics data to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Google Analytics may be free, but it’s powerful.  Some of the largest brands and websites in the world use it. Some of it’s features includes:

  • Dashboards: surface the most important information at a glance.

  • Real-time data: watch how today’s campaigns are working.

  • Advanced segmentation: slice and dice data to uncover powerful insights.

  • Custom reports

  • Path analysis: Uncover bottlenecks and missed opportunities on your websites.

Analytics is no longer about hit counting, it’s about is measuring and analyzing visitor behavior on your website against business objectives. Until you use analytics to measure business goals, you’re not truly analyzing. Let’s take a look at some of the key components to this valuable marketing tool.


The most important thing to do in any marketing campaign is establish your goals. These can vary from purchase, phone calls, downloads or time spent on your website. Setting goals related to your marketing efforts will help you achieve your overall company objectives. Most companies are looking to improve campaign effectiveness, increase revenue, or optimise spend. Depending on what category your business falls into, Zeekee is here to you navigate through this sometimes confusing topic.

AdWords Measurement

Linking your AdWords account to Analytics can provide key insights. You can track which keywords lead to goal completions and which are providing high bounce rates. Measuring how people view your site to measuring how people are clicking through your Google Adwords campaigns to make a purchase can all be tracked in Analytics. We’re sure you’ve heard of Google Analytics, but are you sure how to use this incredibly powerful tool to measure your digital marketing success?

Here is our take on a few key terms to help you navigate Google Analytics: 


Measures the number of unique visitors during a certain time period. It’s most commonly used to estimate the size of your audience.


Sessions are also known as visits, and they calculate the period of consecutive activity by a user. A session persists until a user stops using the site or have not performed an activity for 30 minutes. You can customize your site’s session length to better reflect the amount of time a user is on your site.

Page Views

Page views literally count every time a page is viewed on your site.


Track interactions like watching a video or clicking a call to action button. These require additional customization.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of sessions with only 1 user interaction. This is usually if a person lands on a page and immediately leaves without viewing any other content no matter how long they are on that page. There are many reasons for bounce rates including not setting the right expectations for the user or not giving them a good experience once they arrive. Alternatively, if you want the user to only come to one page to read a blog post or get a phone number, high bounce rates are okay.

Facebook Insights

Another extremely useful tool is Facebook Insights. This tool allows you to track the engagement rates of your posts and will let you see what is resonating best with your followers. This will give you better intel and allow you to optimize your strategy. You can also see key demographic information about your followers that could be used in other marketing aspects.

Follow these 3 steps to successfully measure your goals:

1.  Focus on the marketing analytics that will drive key growth objectives. 

2.  Use a variety of data sources to help you create a holistic view of your customers' behavior. 

3.  Turn insights into action and drive measurable growth.


Interested in measuring your performance? Let us help you today.