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Understanding the Real Estate Path to Purchase

How are buyers and sellers finding their agent?

Understanding the Real Estate Path to Purchase

Do you know how to measure the success of your online advertising campaigns? If not, you are in luck! We are Google Partners and recently hosted a livestream event where Google experts shared information on the best ways to determine if you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to all the ad money you are spending. Consumers often have dozens or even hundreds of digital interactions before they buy something today.

The path to purchase in today's real estate market is dramtically different than in years past, and so is our online behavior. The way people buy today is so different than just a few years ago. People seamlessly move between mobile and desktop, plus they are moving online to offline. These trends have a significant impact to your business as a business in the real estate industry.

What is driving results? How do people search?

Today, 90% of home buyers use Google to search for information related to purchasing a home, and shoppers take an average of 11 searches prior to taking an action on a real estate site. Additionally, 2/3 of the actions happen on sponsored content. Talk about Google Adwords playing an important role in the real estate process. Home buyers are wanting information in a moment of need. People are more loyal to the need in the moment rather than the brand that serves them.

As Google Partners, we can help you reach new customers when they are looking for you. Let us be the experts in online advertising, so you can focus on growing your business. Here are a few of our favorite tips and takeaways from our recent Partners Connect livestream event with Google.

Marketing is Math

What is your ultimate goal? How many clients do you want to meet? How many homes do you want to sell? Your Google Partner can help you determine how to reverse engineer your digital marketing strategy to reach your goals. You can then make adjustments based on what works best for your budget and resources. Think about how you can reach the most people


When is the best time to reach the buyer?

At the beginning! The most resounding message during this livestream was to reach your customer early. Their first search in the beginning of the path to purchase is where they make the connections. They are looking for information related to the neighborhood

Who is the market leader?

Who is the likeable agent?

Who knows my community?


3 tips to apply to your real estate digital marketing strategy:

Make it Easy

How many clicks does it take to contact you? If it's more than 2, then it's too many. Make it so easy for people to contact you, that they don't have a reason not to.

Content is King

Give people the information they want to know. If you are willing to put out the content people want to know, and you do it with the most frequency and the most channels, you will establish yourself as the market leader and go to resource for home buying questions.

Answer the questions on the minds of your customers, and do the obvious stuff like sharing your listings. According to Google, most people do not search for individual listings. They are searching for information on the neighborhoods, the schools, about community. When you understand their struggles and answer those questions, you stand out from your competition.

The other key factor is how do you share the information. Multi-channel distribution is the key to engage with buyers and get to know them early in the buying process so they will come to you when they are ready to buy or sell a home. Ask yourself, what do your viewers want to know? What questions are you frequently asked that you could use to create content? 

Where to drive your traffic? 

Simply driving your ad viewers to your website homepage isn't the most effective way to convert buyers in today's market. By creating landing pages and optimizing landing pages, you can drive people to the information they want to see. This will answer those questions they want answered and start to build their trust in you. Zeekee utilizes Google Analytics data to drive increased customer interaction through continuous review and A/B testing to see what works and what doesn't. By driving traffic to a page that they want to see, drives increased engagement and meets them in the early stages of the buying process. Be there when they want to know.

What did we learn?

One of the most staggering statistics Google's Real Estate expert shared with us was that people only consider 1.7 realtors before deciding who they are going to use. People are more loyal to their need in that moment than they are the brand. Plus, 85% of people don't even have an agent or broker in mind! With digital growing and growing, people are spending an average of 4 hours per day on their phones to research information.

By reaching people in the beginning stages of the home buying process, you become the expert and the market leader. 

We are Google experts and can help you develop a custom plan to meet your goals and objectives, so you can focus on growing your business. We can't wait to help you grow your real estate business and take it to the next level! 

Contact us today to implement a custom online advertising measurement strategy that works best for you. 

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