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Online Advertising

Online advertising has many benefits when compared to traditional print and broadcast mediums.

Search engines aim to return websites that best present the answers to the user’s questions. Results are determined by various factors with the most important being quality content and user experience. SEO can increase a website’s search visibility by taking into account search engine algorithms, user experience, content, site architecture and best practices for sending out quality signals to search engines.


Online ads tend to have a lower cost per impression. Many ads come in cost per click and cost per view options so you’re only paying when people want to receive your message.

Better Targeting

Online advertising allows you to only show your ads to a certain demographic or psychographic group. Different products can be targeted to different groups creating less unqualified impressions.


Copy can be changed and uploaded instantaneously which is perfect for companies with flash sales or constantly changing products and promotions.


Internet advertisements’ impacts are easily measurable. We can determine the number of clicks on the ads and the number of impressions and conversions it generated.

Online Advertising Services

Zeekee has experience in all stages online advertising campaigns from strategy to creative executions in text, video and images. We research relevant keywords and website placement for each ad, design the ads and track our results. Each ad is placed in strategic locations across the internet that are tailored to your specific target market and lead to a landing page that shows the exact information your customers are looking for.

Why Zeekee

For over 10 years, we’ve executed targeted online advertising campaigns for our clients helping them grow their brand and sell their products. To make sure we stay up to date on the newest updates in internet advertising, our marketing team has dedicated training hours where they research current best practices and are involved in the online marketing community. We have been able produce results on a variety of budgets for a diverse group of clients.