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Retargeting vs. Remarketing: Learn which strategy is right for your digital campaigns



It's common for those taking their first steps in the digital marketing landscape to struggle with their strategy. It isn’t always easy to understand the methods of how to reach prospects at just the right time in their purchase journey. 


Strategies that new marketers often don’t know how to implement are effective retargeting and remarketing campaigns. Also, many people struggle even differentiating between the two - they really are hard to tell apart!


We want to help you understand these effective strategies and how to use them to reach your prospects. 


Defining retargeting and remarketing

While both of these marketing campaigns share the same goal of targeting conversions from your most likely customers, they use different methods to reach those prospects. You can think about these strategies as different ways of forming and growing relationships with your customers. 


Retargeting involves the use of placement or display ads and targeting them to users who have already interacted with your website, an app, social media, or similar websites. Visitors to your website or a partner site will acquire a cookie in their browser for completing specific actions so that you can target them with ads once they leave your site. This strategy puts your ads in front of potential customers and introduces your business to new prospects - and who doesn’t like making new friends?


Remarketing utilizes email marketing to reach users for whom you already have email addresses. You use remarketing to reach users who have used the shopping cart, favorited certain items, or interacted with your website in another way. In other words, remarketing strengthens relationships with the “friends” you already have. 


Retargeting Strategies

Retargeting campaigns are highly effective as they target individuals who have already shown interest in what you have to offer. With retargeting, you can serve up ads on both Facebook and the Google Display Network. There are a couple of different ways you can focus your retargeting strategy for increased engagement. 


On-site retargeting targets individuals who have been to your site before and have taken certain actions but have not completed a purchase. You can target these individuals based on things like a product or service they interacted with or how they got to your website. This strategy uses pixel-based retargeting, which is where a cookie is placed in the user’s browser when they interact in a specified way on your website. Then the retargeting platform you use will serve up ads to them based on the interaction. 


Off-site retargeting focuses on users who have similar interests or have interacted with the internet in similar ways as your previous customers. You can target this group based on the content they interact with on Facebook, certain apps, or a partner site that uses pixel-based targeting to place cookies in the user browser that you can track. 


Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing is a great way to capitalize on and increase customer loyalty. With this type of campaign, you can maximize your conversions for visitors to your site who have already completed a desired action: filling out a form, signing up for a service, purchasing a product. In short, remarketing uses targeted email marketing to reach people who are already customers or are well on their way to converting.


A great way to increase conversions with remarketing is to provide special offers to these customers right in their inbox. You can send exclusive offers and discounts on products they’ve shown interest in on your site. If your business is service-based, you can offer things like VIP packages or discounts on future services. 


The type of offering will be unique to your business and your relationship with your customers. The general idea is to incentivize customer loyalty by making them feel like they are getting something special. 


Which strategy is right for you?

Whether you use a remarketing or retargeting campaign depends on where your desired customers are in the purchase funnel. If you want to increase your customer loyalty, utilize remarketing strategies to bring customers back or encourage them to continue giving you their business. If you desire to widen your customer base, use retargeting campaigns to draw them in and increase their interest. 


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