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How to Market Your Restaurant with Photography

How to Market Your Restaurant

with Photography

Ah...Valentine’s Day!  The most romantic day of the year. We set out to make sure the Melting Pot had a full house this year, and we want to share a few of our favorite tips on promoting your restaurant with great photography.

It's fairly easy for delicious, intimate restaurants to book reservations for this special day, but with so many places to eat, how do you make sure all of those lovebird couples find your restaurant and decide to spend their special night with you? And most importantly, how do you help them find you on the 364 other nights of the year?

The first step is to be digitally visible. We live in a world where people make split-second decisions. Show up when people are searching and choosing where to go and what to know. Once they find you, great images will help you tell your story and get them in the door.

Why is great photography so important?

People taste with their eyes. Invite them into your restaurant through great imagery so they can start the experience early. A great example of this is a company we work with called The Melting Pot. This restaurant can be a quiet, romantic spot for some diners, and can also be an interactive, fun experience for large groups. Depending on what type of audience they want to attract, it’s important they show images that target that audience.

We have a great time helping The Melting Pot reach their target customers. For Valentine’s Day, we wanted to capture images that show their romantic side … the delicious food, beautiful drinks, and of course, the chocolate. We are still dreaming about the Yin and Yang chocolate fondue!

Quick Tips for Great Restaurant Photography

Here are a few tips to help you get those great images and reach your target audience and attract the type of customer you want.

Be You

Being yourself is so important. Are you a really fun restaurant? Are you romantic like The Melting Pot? Whatever you are like, tell that story.

What do they see?

This seems like it would be an easy one, but the composition of a photograph is so important. Yes, you might want to show the whole dish or the entire bar area, but what all is staring back at the camera? It’s important to be conscious of what all is in the background. Staging is key.

Where are you using your images?

Depending on what platform you are using to draw potential diners into your restaurant, you will want to use different perspectives. If you are using facebook, horizontal images tend to work best. Instagram pictures can be square or vertical. Choose the right image for the right platform.

The Semi-Technical Stuff

When photographing food, a good rule of thumb is to never use the flash. Natural lighting is best. If you are taking pictures for an evening ambiance, like you would for Valentine’s Day, use a tripod to reduce camera shake so you can reduce your shutter speed and capture that perfectly exposed image.

Have we convinced you yet?

If you follow these quick restaurant photography tips, this will help you tell your story, reach your ideal customers, and of course, make your pictures look awesome!

We cannot wait to see what you capture! Tag us at #zeekeetips and show off your awesome pictures and marketing ideas.