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How Google's Security Update Could Affect Your Website Visitors

Chrome is the most widely used internet browser in the world. According to W3 Counter, Google’s Chrome has a 64% market share and the next closest competitor is Safari at 14%. So when Google, who developed Chrome, makes a big announcement the digital world would do well to pay attention. Will Google’s tactic of telling users they’re visiting an unsafe website work? We’ll see!

Most People Ignore Basic Internet Safety

It’s not really unusual for website users to ignore basic web safety suggestions. They use simple passwords, click on phishing links, and even open attachments from email senders they do not recognize. So, why does Google think their new emphasis on what they deem as unsafe webpages will be any different? Because they are Google.

Google's Chrome is Pushing Security 

Beginning in October 1st, Chrome will display the message “Not Secure” in the address bar when users land on a non-encrypted page of a website. For business owners, the “Not Secure” message could cause visitors to exit their website quickly, hurting their business. Click here to read more about what Google has to say regarding their connection security updates.

The internet would definitely be a safer place if all traffic were encrypted and Google is trying to push companies into encrypting their website with HTTPS protocol. Look at the URL in the address bar when you visit a website. If it begins with HTTPS, it tells you something important. It tells you that any communication you have with this webpage is secure because it's encrypted. Google doesn’t have any problems with webpages like this. 

The Security Solution Is Simple

There is a simple solution to this that will give visitors to your webpage a sense of security, add a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to your website. A SSL will provide security when visitors come to your website, fill out a form or conduct a search. For e-commerce websites this is a given. But with the new warnings Google will be posting in the search bar, get ahead of the game and protect your business.

Do it now, before your website visitors call it to your attention or even worse, stop visiting your website. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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