Filter Labs Instructions

Zeekee uses a spam filter called Filter Labs on many clients email addresses. This filter catches and “quarantines” spam to prevent it from reaching your inbox. To check your quarantine area, or “net,” you should go here:

To access your personal account simply go here: log in with your regular email and password. Go under Account Settings and adjust the filter level down to the sensitivity level of your choice. Most users have them set around 4.5 - 5.5. This level will still catch a lot of stuff, but also let a lot of important emails through. It’s important to note that the lower you set the number (such as 3) then this INCREASES the amount of spam that will be trapped, vs. using a larger number (such as 7) will let more spam through. (Filterlabs assigns each email that comes through a spam score, the higher the score, the more likely it is spam. By setting your “sensitivity” you are saying “anything rated with a spam score OVER xxx should be quarantined.)

Beneath the level setting there is a place to add email addresses and domain names that you would like to always let through. Use a * before the @ symbol on any domain name to let all emails through that are sent from that domain. Such as you would want to enter: * to let all emails from any email from Zeekee come through, no matter what. Or simply enter one email address at a time if it’s a hotmail, or gmail account. This is called “white-listing” an address or a domain name.

On this main page you will also find the ability to set automatic reports to come to your email inbox to let you know what has been quarantined. This is handy if you sometimes have important emails that may be trapped by the filter and accidentally marked as spam. Simply set the number of times you would like to see a report, and filterlabs will email you and let you know the questionable trapped emails. If you see something in this quarantine report that you need to let through, simply click “forward to my inbox.” If it is an email from someone you receive messages from regularly you can click “whitelist and forward to my inbox.” This will “whitelist” the email address, which means that Filterlabs knows not to quarantine any emails from this address from now on.

You can also go under “quarantine” and see which emails were trapped. You can browse through them and forward the ones you see are important to your inbox. You can also perform a search to look for a specific message, or email from a specific email address.

Overall you can see that this filter traps, on average, a touch over 85% - 90% of all emails that come through the system. There is just too much spam out there to go without one of these filters.