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Email Migration Support

Friday morning update on 7/17/20:

We are aware that you are currently unable to connect to the new email server or
The server is still storing and receiving your email, but the webmail and possibly the ability to connect your email app/client is currently unavailable.
It should be repaired shortly.

We understand how important accessing your email is. The instructions below should get you up and running quickly.

  1. If your email app/client isn't working properly after the migration, you can access your email account in the new webmail interface anytime after 3pm on Friday, July 10th in your browser here:
    New Webmail
  2. If there are any issues accessing your email using the new webmail link above, you can view your archived email account for the next seven days in your browser here:
    Legacy Webmail
  3. Now that you have access to your email, the next step is to get it working again on your favorite email application. The following links contain instructions on how to get things setup on your application of choice.
  4. Additional tips:
    Use IMAP (unless your set up specifically uses POP)
    mail server:
    username: Your full email address
    password: Your email password
    incoming mail server:
    outgoing mail server:
    Incoming port: 993
    Security Type: SSL/TLS
    Outgoing/SMTP port: 465
    Security Type: SSL/TLS

  5. If for some reason you were not able to get everything working using the instructions above, please click the button below to open a support ticket, or email [email protected].

    Please include your name, phone number, the email address affected, the email client or device you are using, and a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.

    We are working around the clock over the weekend and for the next week to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible, and we plan on getting back to you within 24 hours of receiving your ticket.

    If you are unable to access your email using the new webmail link above, please note this in the subject line of your email so that we can reach out to you faster.
    Create a Support ticket