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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the utilization of digital channels to market and advertise products and services your brand offers. And that’s just the beginning! Digital marketing also encompasses branding, messaging, persona development, competitive analysis – everything needed to strategically dominate your industry and prove to consumers your business is superior to the competition.

The team at Zeekee Interactive works closely with our parent company, Bell Media, to provide industry-leading digital marketing strategies to drive business growth and visibility in search engines. Our digital marketing specialists utilize white hat SEO techniques along with digital marketing best practices to ensure your brand reaches your target audience across multiple online platforms.

Certified Digital Marketing Strategies

The Zeekee Interactive digital marketing team is Google Certified. We have the experience and knowledge to grow your company through a variety of digital marketing strategies, including content development, SEO, social media, and SEM. Our strategies fuel an individualized campaign that achieves your business objective(s), whether that’s landing on the top search engine results pages, increasing brand awareness, driving new leads, or any other KPIs that best serve your business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Paid Digital Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the general term for digital “paid advertising.” Otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, SEM utilizes several platforms to reach individuals who are already searching for similar products or services. Our team accomplishes reaching these individuals by placing ads either at the top of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) or in a social media newsfeed, places where your target audience can easily see it.

Our specialists work closely with clients and our Customer Success Managers to drive our research, ad creation, and campaign management and execution to ensure we stay within the predetermined budget and drive success. We also provide reporting and analytics to show your campaigns’ reach and engagement to demonstrate that your KPIs are our priority, and we are dedicated to providing the best advertising results.

Content Marketing

Content marketing encompasses everything from your website copy to your social media posts, from your blog updates to videos or graphics you may use to represent your business and your services or products.

Our content marketing team works closely with each client to create a unique content marketing calendar, including blog posts, social media posts, video and photo shoots, graphic calendars, and more. We use content marketing to accurately describe your business, provide helpful information for your customers or prospective customers, and share current specials in an impactful way! Content marketing is the crux of any successful digital marketing strategy, as the content you share describes your business. Our content marketing team regularly collaborates with our SEO team to ensure that the content we’re creating on your behalf is striking to both web crawlers and visitors landing on your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, integrates both on-site and off-site optimizations that include content, schema, backlinking, site interlinking, site and page hierarchy, and other techniques that aim to drive visibility and increase traffic to your site.

Our SEO specialists use the latest tools and research to ensure we’re at the forefront of algorithmic optimization, allowing us to investigate the health of our client’s websites. Our SEO specialists audit and optimize our client’s websites monthly, and update each SEO plan to ensure the success of every campaign.

Analytics Conversions & Reporting

Using a variety of analytics tools, our Customer Success Managers can determine the success of your digital marketing campaigns and the engagement and interactions that occur on your website, social media platforms, and your SEM campaigns. During the initial onboarding process, our specialists create conversions to track important KPIs, such as business calls and contact form submissions.

Our Customer Success Managers can share high-level data during regular discovery meetings. Not only that, but they can share in-depth data such as what time of day people are visiting your site, where conversions are coming from, most effective web pages, scroll depth on your web pages, and more.

Digital Marketing FAQs

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the utilization of digital channels to market and advertise your business. In today’s digital age, most consumers head to their favorite search engine to learn about the products or services they need before purchasing. Effectively leveraging digital channels will help to put your business ahead of the competition and secure those consumers.

What is the role of digital marketing?

Digital marketing serves to drive traffic, leads, brand awareness, and other KPIs that are specific to your business. At Zeekee Interactive, we work with our parent company Bell Media to provide our clients with the highest quality digital marketing services to generate new business and garner measurable ROI.

What services do digital marketing agencies offer?

Many digital marketing agencies employ a variety of services and strategies to drive visibility for their clients. Standard digital marketing services include website design and development, PPC, SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and video marketing.

What should I expect from a local digital marketing agency?

When working with Zeekee Interactive and our parent company Bell Media, businesses should expect to work with an award-winning digital marketing agency focused on collaboration, integrity, education, and, most importantly, results. Our team is comprised of specialists in every aspect of digital marketing, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with successful campaigns with measurable ROI through designated KPIs.

Most importantly: Why do you need a digital marketing agency?

This is probably one of the best questions and one of the most common our Digital Consultants hear. The better question is: do you know how to effectively leverage digital marketing strategies to boost your business online? Do you have the time it takes to use those strategies to produce measurable results?

If you answered “No,” to either of those questions, a digital marketing agency could help! Through our parent company, Bell Media, we use proven digital marketing strategies to create an overall solution that will help you dominate your competition and drive your business to success. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing services and let us put together a strategy that will accomplish all of your business goals and objectives.

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