Did you know...Zeekee carries certifications from the best! Article Icon

Did you know...Zeekee carries certifications from the best!

Zeekee strives to be a leader in the digital marketing field and one way we do that is through having certifications with some of the biggest players in our field. Check out the lineup of our partnerships!

Google Partner

Everyone knows Google is important, and so do we. We are Google Partners and proudly get to display the Google Partner Badge. What is this you ask? The Google Partner badge shows that Zeekee passed Google AdWords product certification exams and is up to date with the latest product knowledge. We know it’s important to stay on top of current Google AdWords trends and initiatives, so we can pass our knowledge along to you.

Zeekee specializes in the following AdWords product areas:

Search Advertising

These Partners can help you create and optimize ads that show up on Google Search. They can also advise on keyword strategy and budget planning.

Mobile Advertising

Partners certified in mobile advertising can help you connect with potential customers on mobile devices through text, image, video, and HTML5 ads.

Shopping Advertising

Certified Partners will help you place your products on Google Search, set up your inventory on Merchant Center, and create Google Shopping campaigns.

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Google Trusted Photographer

Business listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest. That is why, Zeekee has our own Google Trusted Photographers on staff. A Google Trusted Photographer is allowed to take images of a business and load them into Google’s Street View system creating a virtual tour. We have been in this program since 2014, and we love helping our clients show off their business in Google Search and Maps. At this time, there are less than 10 Google Trusted Photographers in the State of Alabama. Contact us today to help your customers “see inside”.

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Constant Contact Master Certified Authorized Local Expert

Email is still one of the best ways to stay in front of your clients and increase brand awareness. Let our Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert or “ALE” help guide you through your email marketing strategy.

What is an ALE? Constant Contact thoroughly vets and highly trains individuals, with a proven track record, to help Constant Contact customers just like you. They are qualified to help you with email, website design, SEO/SEM, content marketing, social media, and more.

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Google City Partner

Do you want to make sure your Google listing is correct? Do you want to learn how to gain control of your Google listing and be instantly verified? Well, you are in luck. Zeekee is a Google City Partner in association with Google’s Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map program, where their goal is to get very business across the country online. We have to agree this is a great endeavor, so that’s why we signed up to help.

Want to get your business on Google Search and Maps or gain control of an existing listing?

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