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Website Design & Development

Creative Design

Developing your story, one pixel at a time.

Successful websites have purpose behind every aspect of the design. At Zeekee we work with each of our clients to craft a framework that is both unique to your business and consistent with the best practices of website development. Good design allows you to tell your story while leading your visitors to information that is most important to your company.

Emerging Technology

Constantly learning to make your website great

Our developers tackle the ever changing technology behind website development. We are constantly researching and learning new techniques in PHP, HTML and CSS. If you can dream it, we will make it happen.

Responsive Design

Designing with the viewer and her smart phone in mind

People aren’t just surfing the web on their computers anymore, so why design your website that way? Responsive design is the new standard in designing websites. It allows websites to react to the screen size of the device visitors are using. This approach allows you to highlight which information is important to display based on the device the visitor is using to view your website.

The User Experience

Creating the experience your visitors want

A website shouldn’t just be pretty, it should be functional too. Successful website designs make it easy for the viewer to navigate the site to easily and quickly find with the information they need. At Zeekee, we will help you strategically layout a website to reach full benefits of a well thought out user experience.


Five star support for your website

At Zeekee, we know that no website is ever truly finished. Our support team is available to change out content, add new pages and complete any other website edits. Most tickets are completed within 24 to 48 hours.