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Website Design

Does your website share your brand and your message in a way that sets you apart from the competition? Does it integrate the latest design standards and trends, including responsive design for a mobile-first environment? Is it fast and optimized to perform in every internet browser, delivering your website at the top of search results and inspiring visitors to convert to customers with a simple click?

If you can’t answer, “Yes,” to any of the questions above, it’s time to update your website design!

Professional Web Design in Birmingham, Alabama

Our team at Zeekee walks each client through every step of the web design process. We ensure that every element of your new website design truly represents your business, from the branding to the graphics to how a visitor can quickly get in touch with someone at your business.

We know that an exceptional website design is going to attract new and repeat business for your company. We make sure to use modern designs and website best practices to deliver stellar results every time.

Whether you’re creating a new website for an eCommerce business or a brick and mortar location, our professional website designers and developers are here to help you share your company with the world!

Drive Qualified Traffic With A Professionally-Designed Website

How many times have you landed on a website that appears to have been launched in the 1990s? Does that website inspire you to connect with the company and inquire about their services, or do you tend to continue your search for a more modern website, demonstrating that the business cares about their online presence and the experience they’re delivering to their customers?

This is a common occurrence, especially as more and more people use the internet to find everything from a restaurant for dinner to a home services provider to fix their air conditioner or home plumbing. That’s where Zeekee comes in.

Our team has been creating responsive, beautifully-designed websites for over 30 years, and we receive ongoing training to ensure we’re at the forefront of the latest design trends. We work closely with our customers to learn about their business, what qualifies as a “qualified lead,” how their customers find them, and we provide recommendations on how to create a modern, new website that converts.

Website Design FAQs

Do I need a new website design?

When was the last time you updated the design of your website? Have you recently rebranded your business? Does your website utilize modern design trends, or does the design feel clunky and out-dated?

How can I design a good website?

That’s easy: have a great team of designers on your side to help you bring your vision to life! Our team at Zeekee has years of experience designing cutting edge, beautiful websites. Explore our portfolio, and let us know what inspires you.

What is the best program to design a website?

This question has many answers, but it all boils down to your website goals. Are you selling products online? We’d recommend Shopify! Do you want your website to attract new customers and perform well in SERPs? We’d recommend WordPress!

Working with one of our Digital Consultants can help you decide the best program for your website. Contact us, and let’s get started.

How long does it take to design a website?

The time it takes to design a website depends on what you want your website to accomplish, what tools and integrations you need, and many other factors. In general, we can create a new site in 60 business days following the contract's execution.

What does “responsive design” mean?

Responsive design describes the dynamic ability of a website to shift to accommodate a variety of screen sizes. As we are now a mobile-first society, websites need to be carefully designed so that any visitor, from any screen, can easily read your content, find what they need, and take action.

What are the latest website design trends?

Contact Zeekee for a Modern, New Website Design

Is it time to give your website a facelift? Let our expert web designers at Zeekee help you bring your new website into reality. We work closely with our customers to ensure that every element of their website is optimized to generate quality leads and grow their business.

Online or via telephone, and let’s start creating your new website!
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