E-mail Account Setup for MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2003

1.) Open Outlook, go to the "Tools" menu (if you get other pop-up screens when opening Outlook click the cancel button next to them until you can click on the "Tools" menu), and click on "E-mail Accounts..."

2.) When the "E-mail Accounts " window appears, click on the circle next to "Add a new e-mail account " then click "Next".

3.) Click the circle next to "POP3" and then click "Next".

4.) This screen requires you to enter all your e-mail account information.

Your Name: The name you want to appear on all e-mails you send out
E-mail Address: Your domain name e-mail address ( i.e. joe@zeekeeinteractive.com )
User Name: your full email address
Password: your email password
Incoming Mail server (POP): ( mail.yourdomain.com )
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): ( mail.yourdomain.com )

Once you have filled out the blanks, click on "More Settings..."

5.) In this window, click on the "Outgoing Server" tab and ensure that the checkbox is checked, and the circle next to "Use same settings my incoming mail server" is filled, then click on the "OK" button.

6.) Click "Finish" on the window that confirms you have successfully entered all the required information. When you return to the main menu, you may be asked to enter your password, and once you have done so, Outlook will download the e-mail messages from your account.