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5 Marketing Tips to Kick Off Your 2017

5 Marketing Tips

to Kick Off your 2017

At a recent holiday marketing seminar we taught we mentioned some tips on how to have a great holiday season. Now that the holidays are drawing to a close let’s look ahead to 2017. Here are 5 tips to jumpstart your email and social media marketing going into the New Year.

Optimize your design for mobile devices

Mobile has become prevalent in the world around us, especially for holiday purchases and interaction. More than half of emails are opened on mobile devices: i.e. smartphones and tablets. That ratio is only going to grow in 2017. 91% of people check their email daily and 88% regularly check email on their smartphones. If your email design is not optimized to display properly on mobile devices, you risk alienating a huge chunk of your audience.

Grow Your list

Growing your list is all about how and where you ask. And yes, you have to. Make sure you have email sign up on your website, use the tools to enable easy signup on Facebook or the Constant Contact Text-To-Sign-Up tool. You may even have to use the old-fashioned business card fish bowl. Give your audience a reason to sign up, special offers, helpful tips, insider news, VIP preference or current news.

Create Great Content

It’s easier than you think. Use these 4 tips:

  1. Focus on being relevant—Make sure that you know what your audience values, I have seen business owners assume that they know what their audience wants, and be completely off base. Do the research by asking or surveying your customers and prospects what type of information they would like to receive in their inbox.
  2. How much content is enough? Keep in mind that a majority of people will be Think about it… How often do you look forward to reading a long, detailed email from a business? Not very often, right? You’re looking for something concise and easy to read – what’s the news, what are the details of the deal or sale, is there any action I want or need to take? – and that’s what you should think about when you create your own emails.
  3. One of the easiest ways to create content is to listen to your customers’ and prospects’ that they frequently ask. Many times they are similar, and it’s important to remember that YOU are the expert in your business or industry, and your customers typically are not. These questions can be amazing sources of content. Try doing a “FAQ mailbag” section to your newsletter when you need content.
  4. Don’t forget that images can be content too…pictures of events/product/staff work very well. Make sure that you optimize for mobile, and that images don’t dominate your content.

****Remember, write for your audience, not for you! The message YOU want to convey might not be the message your READERS are most willing to respond to.


Integrate Email and Social Media

According to a Constant Contact survey 54% of small businesses need help with social media marketing and 57% of nonprofits said that they need help with social media marketing. So there are a lot of you in the same boat. Email and social media may not seem like the most natural bedfellows. But integrating them can help you get more out of each channel — more followers, more click-throughs, and more engagement— and grow your presence online. You also probably have concerns about social media marketing. Many small businesses and nonprofit marketers do as well. Despite those concerns, social media is important for your business or nonprofit. It is how you’re finding new customers or supporters, and how you’re staying top of mind for your current ones and making them loyal, repeat customers.

Surprise your customers, without lifting a finger…

Marketing is tough. But it’s a little easier when it’s done for you. That’s where marketing automation comes in. You can use email software — such as Constant Contact — to automatically send pre-designed emails in response to certain triggers. The most obvious example is a thank you email that’s sent when someone makes a purchase from your website or signs up to your newsletter. But as automation software gets smarter, 2017 will be the year marketers get more imaginative with their use of email triggers. Don’t miss the party.

Review, Review, Review

The annoying thing about improvement is that it rarely just happens, even with the best will in the world. Schedule time on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis — whatever works best — to review your email marketing and check how you are progressing against your goals for the year. Make it a habit and the improvements will surely come. Let the email and social marketing professionals at Zeekee review your strategy and help you grow in.

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