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4 Tips From Our January Marketing Class

Zeekee’s marketing team kicked off the New Year by hosting a class on How to Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media Marketing. This class focused on the best marketing practices for small businesses and non-profits and how 2017 can be their best year yet. We had a full class, so not everyone was able to attend. If you missed out, you can check out our 4 biggest takeaways.

1) Set Goals for 2017

What are your goals? At the end of the day, you have endless options about how to market your business, but you do not have endless resources. It’s important to be very clear about your specific objectives in order to determine your marketing strategy. Your goals may be to increase sales, drive referrals, engage volunteers, reach new customers or nurture leads and relationships. By learning to define your goals, you can narrow down which methods and tools will be most effective to help you achieve success.

2) Engagement is the New Word Of Mouth

Digital marketing tools have completely flipped the traditional sales funnel – when you begin to use digital tools, like email marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram you are reaching out to people you already know. This new marketing funnel is about reaching out to people that already know you, and letting THEM spread the word to potential new customers. Your social media and marketing platforms are now becoming the face to your brand. Newsfeeds and emails are a way of constantly communicating with your audience. And that Share button? Retweet? An instant way for your followers to spread your message to audiences you haven’t reached yet. This is the new “word of mouth”. In this new marketing world, you’ll spend less time finding new customers and more time engaging your existing, happy customers.

3) Create an Awesome Call to Action

In email and Social Media campaigns, studies show that a SINGLE call to action increased engagement by 137% (Constant Contact). So with that in mind, try and keep your offers to one, two at the most, so customers are not confused. Also, do your best to use actionable language like “Order Now”, “Register By”, “Download Our Whitepaper” or “Request A Quote”. If you are asking readers to take action, you need to catch them while they’re still paying attention. Once the call to action is complete, remember to create a direct path to the conversion and you will be more likely to accomplish your goals of SALES, MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS or DONATIONS!

Hint- use buttons in your emails. Buttons create a 45% increase in clicks. (Word Stream)

4) Email + Social = RESULTS

Now that you have created an awesome call to action, the trick becomes getting the word out. Some businesses use only email marketing while others use only social media. Studies show that using both email and social media yield far better results. Combining email and social media is great for gathering followers and building a reputation online. In fact, small businesses who combine email and social tend to see about 73% more customer engagement, 57% more new customers and 39% more business referrals according to Constant Contact studies.

The four takeaways above are just a few of the valuable tips shared in the class. If you are looking for some additional tips please read the article from last month’s class by clicking here. Zeekee is committed to providing quality information and monthly classes on a multitude of subjects, all targeted at helping you grow your business.

STAY TUNED for more opportunities in the coming months.