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4 Reasons You Need Custom Design For Your Brand

4 Reasons You Need

Custom Design For Your Brand

Good design tells a story, custom design tells your story. It can decide how your audience is going to feel and eventually whether they are going to engage with your company. From digital to tangible, we are constantly interacting with design and art whether we know it or not. Stand out from the crowd of templates and stock photography and invest in artwork that represents only you. Here are four reasons why.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the biggest arguments for using generic graphics like ClipArt or stock photography is that it’s easily accessible and usually inexpensive. But that just means you are running the risk of creating a brand that can be replicated. By using custom artwork, you have complete control of the thoughts and emotions that your audience experiences. Your product or service isn’t like anything else on the market; don’t let the face of your business be anything less.

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Think Long Term

Brands need to grow. Sometimes the brand you started with needs a fresh touch up or some modifications as your business expands. When you invest in custom art, it can be modified or updated whenever you need. It even gives you the opportunity to create sub-brands or build off of the artwork already created; the possibilities are endless. By using generic artwork, it becomes a “one time deal” that can’t grow with you.

You Get What You Pay For

Yes, Shutterstock and ClipArt will save you money initially. You put time and energy into creating your business, so don’t settle for cheap and easy now. A lackluster brand and website will cost more long-term through lost opportunities and sales. Make an immediate emotional connection with your audience that brings them back, time after time. In the case of your brand and company, settling for average should never be an option.

Own It

Invest in a personal branding journey. When you use stock photography and graphics, you’re using someone else’s vision and cheating your brand of the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Custom artwork is 100% your own property, never cookie-cutter. By using custom design, you get to sit down with the artist and explain what your goals and visions are. Your brand is personal, so should your creative process.


Surround your audience with an unforgettable brand; one that can’t be found anywhere else. Let us help you develop an identity that translates seamlessly from tangible print mediums to an online and digital presence. Whether it’s through brand or logo creation, media kits, billboards, or social media graphics, no dream is too big. To see some examples of how we’ve helped elevate brands through custom graphics, illustrations, and web design, visit our portfolio page here.