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3 Quick Ways To Make Sure New Year's Eve Is Memorable For Your Guests

Over the years we have had the opportunity to do websites for restaurants all over the country. We have also helped several restaurants create and run digital marketing campaigns. So, as it gets closer to New Year's Eve we wanted to share a few quick promotional ideas that will help you make your guests dining experince with you more special and memorable. Becuase if you make their night awesome, they will leave tons of positive digital bread crumbs all over the web that will lead back to you in a good way.

1) Create A Custom “New Year’s Eve” Snap Chat Filter

Snapchat is a great way to engage wiht your guests.  You can create a custom snapchat filter for your events. And, with the way people love selfie’ing it up for New Year’s Eve having a custom filter on snapchat is one way to for sure make the memory book. Snapchat filters are not expensive to run. They only cost $5 per hour to run for a 20,000 square foot area. So, you could be out $35 for a ton of exposure. People will often save their snaps and share them on other outlets like facebook. Our graphic design team can create something that looks great and meets the file size requirement. We have done a ton of these for clients, and they are always a BIG hit! It is an awesome to make the memory book of your customers. We can do these in our sleep. Click here to have us Help!

2) Have Your Servers Take Each Guest's Picture For Their New Year's Eve Facebook Post

Yeah, this one is a little awkward...but by having your wait staff ask your customers if they want to have their picture taken only helps the chances that they will check in on Facebook and tag your business. And let’s be real, your customers feel just as awkward about asking someone to take their picture. So, taking that extra step will only help you make their evening more memorable for them and get your business in their status on facebook.

3) Do An Hourly Give Away For One Lucky Guest Who Checks In To Your Location On Facebook

Here’s the thing…You may run a classy, high end spot.  So, we aren't saying come over the loud speaker every time you award the prize. You don’t even have to announce it to the crowd. You can do this as a surprise to your guests. To enhance the chances of people checking in and letting their friends know about your business, you have to give them a little motivation. Just like anything the better the reward the greater the behavior. To get something you gotta give something...you know all the clichés. But, it’s true. Make the give away AWESOME. It could be a cooking class with the head chef (another photo opp for later on down the road), or a sizable gift card, or maybe a dinner in private room. Just make sure you tell them Thank You in a special way. Make sure it is something that gets them back in your restaurant at a later date to spend more time with you..and hopefully spend more money.

We hope these three simple ideas help you make the most of the crowds you have coming into your establishment on New Year's Eve. If you need help better understanding how to execute any of these items, please feel free to give us a call or shoot us a note here!

Or, if you own a Restaurant and want help with making sense of all the web marketing options out there then please contact us today!!